Speculation of “Xiang-thinking” and Translation of Daodejing

Academic Lecture

      School of Foreign Languages


Time:15:00,December 4, 2019(Thursday)

Location:Room 201,Chongyuan Building

Topic:Speculation of “Xiang-thinking” and Translation of Daodejing

Speaker:Prof. Bao Tongfa


Personal Information of Prof. Bao Tongfa


Prof. Bao Tongfa, professor of the School of Foreign Studies of Jiangnan University, a research supervisor of MA, the director of  the Sino-west Philosophy-of-language Association, China; an expert member of China Translation Studies Association; an expert member of Translation Studies Association of Jiangsu Province; a part-time Prof. of Qufu Normal University; an advisor Prof. of Tianhua College, Shanghai Normal University, a visiting Prof. & special boffin of Changzhou Institute of Technology.


His Research Focus

Prof. Bao has been on such academic fields over forty year as translation studies philosophy, translation poetics, Taoist philosophy, translation criticism of Pre-Qin Classical Canons, Traditional classical poetics and literature theories, Sino-west philosophy of language etc. He has published three monographs on translation studies,six translated works, and has issued over 80 research papers on such influential journals as Journal of Foreign languages, Chinese Translators Journal and Shanghai Journal of Translators, etc on translation studies and translation criticism on translation of classical Chinese cannons . Till now he has won six third prizes of Provincial government or Education Ministry of Chinese Government, and his monograph on Relation Between “Tao” and Translation of Classical Chinese Canons into Foreign Languages won the second prize of Jiangsu Province Government in 2016.