Construction of National Language Capacity and Its Constraints

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Time: 3:00-4:30 PM, November 22, 2019 (Friday)

Venue: Room 201 (the second floor), Chongyuan Building, School of Foreign Studies

Topic: Construction of National Language Capacity and Its Constraints

Speaker: Prof. Dai Manchun, Beijing Foreign Studies University



National Language Capacity (NLC) is a new topic featured by no unified conceptualization and understanding, probed by different perspectives from the concept of goods, resources and talents. The purpose of investigation of NLC consists in description and explanation of phenomena, and settlement of problems. A well-established NLC, namely, not fragmented but integrated unity- requires concerted efforts of policy researchers, policy-makers, educators, employers, individuals, and so on. NLC takes human sources as media, in contrast to personal linguistic competence based on knowledge. However, the construction of NLC is subject to a number of unfavorable factors, such as emphasis on development of major types of languages, suffering from low teaching quality, and more misunderstanding among construction of NLC. Therefore, the construction of NLC lies in the breach of these shackles, such as identifying prioritized languages, unifying different types of languages and creating equal opportunities. Also, strengthening foreign language teaching and promoting individual multilingual development.


Introduction to the speaker


Professor Dai Manchun has been working in the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Foreign Studies University. He is the director of the Institute of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, the founding editor of the Journal of Language Policy and Planning. Also, he is selected as one of the Outstanding Lead Researchers in the first round in Beijing, and as the talent in The Four-One Talent Strategy in the system of press and culture. He is also the vice-director and general secretary of the Committee of Language Policy and Planning in China Academy of Linguistics, the general secretary of Sub-committee of Foreign Language in the Technical Committee of the State Language Standard, one of the expert in establishing the Regulations of Chinese-English translation in Public Service Sector.  

Professor Dai has wide range of research interest, mainly in language policy, foreign language teaching, second language acquisition, syntax. He has more than 130 publications in top journals such as Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Journal of Foreign Languages, Journal of Modern Languages, YU YAN JIAO XUE YU YAN JIU, Journal of Foreign Languages and Their Teaching, Journal of Foreign Languages in China, Journal of Foreign Language World, Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, Journal of Foreign Language Research, YU YAN WEN ZI YUN YONG, Social Science Abroad, Chinese Journal of European Studies, Journal of Russian, Central Asian & East European Studies, Journal of Latin American Studies. He has finished seven state-level projects. He is awarded by the First Prize In the 5th Education and Research in Beijing, and the Second Prize in Social Science and Philosophy Studies. 


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