on the prosperity and changes of Japanese postmodern feminist literature in heisei era

Eurasian community and Japanese culture lecture series


Lecture title: on the prosperity and changes of Japanese postmodern feminist literature in heisei era

Speaker: professor ye Lin from nanjing university

Time: 13:30--15:00 on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Location: webcast

Target: undergraduate students majoring in Japanese, school of foreign languages, su university


On the Prosperity and Changes of Japanese Postmodern Feminist Literature in the Heisei Era

YE Lin

School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University

Abstract: It is in the Heisei era that western feminism and postmodernism have coexisted, and that Japanese female writers leaded the literary world and showed their splendor. Those female writers, influenced by postmodern feminism, yielded a series of works characterized by unique artistic perspectives, novel literary ideas, impulsive words and original artistic techniques. The works won them high-profile literary awards such as like “the Akutagawa Prizes” and “the Naoki Prizes” and broke down Japanese male writers' dominance in the literary world, overturned the theme of traditional Japanese literature, and brought about unprecedented prosperity and changes in female literature in the “depressed” Heisei era.


In 1986, he graduated from shandong normal university with a bachelor's degree in Japanese language and literature. In 1988, he graduated from jilin university with a master's degree in Japanese language and literature. In 2003, he graduated from the department of Chinese literature, nanjing university with a doctor's degree in literature. He has been a member of the Japanese branch of the foreign language steering committee of the ministry of education, a researcher on foreigners in the department of Chinese literature of the university of Tokyo, and the director of the Japanese department of the school of foreign languages of nanjing university. Currently he is a professor, member of the academic committee and master's supervisor of the school of foreign languages, nanjing university. He is also an executive director of the China Japanese language teaching research association, the China Japanese literature research association, the jiangsu Japanese language teaching research association and the jiangsu foreign literature research association. He has published more than 20 monographs, translated works, books and textbooks, and more than 50 papers and translations in academic journals at home and abroad. He has hosted a number of national, provincial and university-level social science research projects independently. Since 2006, he has successively won the "special publishing award in east China", "the 7th jiangsu provincial department of education second prize of social philosophy in universities", "the first prize of teaching achievements in jiangsu province", and the second prize of national teaching achievements award.


Institute of Japanese studies, institute of foreign languages

April 20, 2020