Transgression: Spatial Movement in Women’s Writing

Transgression: Spatial Movement in Women’s Writing

Speaker: Professor Zhu Xiaoying (East China Normal University)

Time:June 22, 2020 (Monday)          15.00-16.30

Venue: Tencent Meeting (ID: 906 619 682   PIN: 123456)


Introduction to the Lecture:

During the last two hundred years women writers have been moving from the margin to the center of the literary field. They started from the “attic”, went through the oppressions of the patriarchal society and finally reached “a room of one’s own”. They used “the white ink” to create their own story and constructed “a literature of their own”. The 21st century is characterized with globalization and diversity, during which the boundaries have been blurred and unity reconstructed, and women’s living space has thus been expanded. with the tradition of women’s writing being regenerated and women’s life rewritten, the literary map of women’s writing has been sketched from a new perspective. In the future, the practice of transgression which featured women’s writing is bound to demonstrate much more vitality and will continue to be the focus of world literature. 


Introduction to the Speaker:

Zhu Xiaoying is professor and Ph.D. supervisor of East China Normal University. She is Vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages. She also holds memberships at Shanghai International Studies Association, China-Australian Studies Association and Chinese Women’s Research Society. Her research interests include: women’s literature in English and Australian literature.