Analysis of early works by Japanese fairy tale writer Ogawa Mimei

Academic Lectures of School of Foreign Languages

Time: PM.7:00-8:30 March 13(Monday), 2023
Address: Room 202, Xiarun Building
Lecture Topic: Analysis of early works by Japanese fairy tale writer Ogawa Mimei
Lecturer: Professor Gao Pengfei, Chongqing Institute of Foreign Studies

Summary of the Lecture
Ogawa Mimei, also known as Ogawa Kensaku, was a prolific writer in the field of children's literature. He was one of the pioneers of modern Japanese fairy tale creation and the first president of the Children's Literature Association. His works are full of imagination and creativity, earning him the nickname "the Japanese Hans Christian Andersen". Ogawa wrote thousands of works, including classic fairy tales such as "The Boy Who Waited for Flowers to Bloom", "Wild Roses", "Hope", "The Wilderness", "Spring", "The Golden Spinning Wheel", "Planting Trees", "Autumn Promise", as well as his only long fairy tale, "The Snow Country Boy". His works are unique for their rural countryside characteristics, romantic and mysterious atmosphere, and vivid portrayal of child characters that explore the pure nature of the child's mind and delve deep into human emotions, searching for warmth and compassion. Ogawa Mimei occupies an important position in the history of Japanese children's literature and has had a tremendous impact.

Introduction to the Lecturer

Gao Pengfei, Professor, Master's supervisor in Japanese Language and Literature, Expert in Communication and Evaluation of National Social Science Fund Projects, Specially-appointed Communication Evaluator for the Degree Center of the Ministry of Education. Main research achievements include the monograph "A History of Japanese Literature", as well as being the lead researcher on the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project "Research on the Literary Criticism Theory of 20th Century Japanese Literature" and related research papers on Natsume Soseki.

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School of Foreign Languages, Soochow University
March 7, 2023