Three Topics in Literary Studies: Literary Studies - Literariness - Text

Academic Lectures at the School of Foreign Languages

Lecture Time: Friday, March 17, 2023, 15:00-17:00
Venue: Room 210, Chong Yuan Building, Faculty of Foreign Languages
Lecture title: Three Topics in Literary Studies: Literary Studies - Literariness - Text
Lecturer: Professor Zhou Qichao, Zhejiang University

Lecture Description.
What is literary science? Where is literaryity? What are the paths of access to literary texts? These are the questions that literary researchers always have to face when talking about writers and reviewing works or examining literary history, and they are also an integral part of the professional training in literary studies. A conscious pursuit of these questions and systematic training in these areas will contribute to the quality of literary studies and the enhancement of literary research skills. It is no longer enough to talk about literature as an art of words or literature as an art of language, but to see literature as an art of discourse: to master the symbolic, the aesthetic and the communicative aspects of literature. The study of literature as an art of discourse ----- is in fact also a science. As a human science, literature focuses on the production of literacy: literacy is produced within the language of a text, but also outside the language of a text; literary texts can be "deciphered", "parsed", and "paraphrase". In this way, we enter into a reflection on the discursive practice of literary studies around 'literary studies - literariness - text' ------ at both the epistemological and ontological levels, as well as at the methodological level.

Biography of Professor Zhou Qichao.
Professor, PhD supervisor, Professor and PhD supervisor of the Institute of World Literature and Comparative Literature, leading talents in the Arts & Humanities of Zhejiang University, Director of the Research Centre of Foreign Literature and Comparative Poetics, College of Arts and Letters, Zhejiang University, Chief expert of the major projects of the National Social Science Foundation, mainly engaged in the research of Russian literature, Russian literature, modern Slavic literature, comparative poetics, He was awarded the Dostoevsky Medal by the Russian Ministry of Culture in 2023.

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