2019 College Students Opening Ceremony Held at Soochow

On the morning of September 25th, 2019 Opening Ceremony for new students of Soochow University was held at the east stadium in the main campus of Soochow University. All the university leaders, school heads, teachers and students as well as distinguished alumni attended the event.



Several student representatives were invited to address the opening ceremony. Ni Shang, the freshman representative,told a story about the encounter with her father in time in Soochow. Li Qi, the first -year graduate,said that he would always maintain his academic enthusiasm with perseverance and awe, guard against arrogance and rashness, and break down every knowledge barrier. Wei Wenyu, a senior, shared his insights and successful experience in college life. Ren Nan gave a review of unforgettable time in the process of project promotion. Pan Junhua, the teacher representative, alsothe academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, recalled his excitement when he first entered the university 70 years ago and hoped that students cherished their precious youthand strove to grow into pillars with moral sentiment, solid knowledge and humility. Shen Wenzhong, the alumnus representative from Shanghai Jiaotong university, introduced the research work in the field of semiconductor technology in China andencouraged students to create their own wonderful lives in the great practice of national rejuvenation.

Accompanied by the warm applause of the audience, President Xiong Sidong made a speech with the topic of "four seasons in Soochow University".He told touching stories of developing education, defending national dignity, teaching conscientiously,  anddoing scientific research continuously of people from Soochow University.He encouragedstudents to follow the example of the predecessors, and work diligently to add new vitality and new meanings to Soochow University.

In order to fully understand the situation of the freshmen, big data were played on the big screen at the ceremony, which was also a special gift specially made by the university. Later, Secretary Jiang Yong, President Xiong Sidong, together with all the teachers and students, sent the most sincere wishes to the 32 freshmen who had their birthdays on the opening ceremony. Later,Secretary Jiang Yong, President Xiong Sidong, teacher Huang Xinyin, and counselor Chen Beibei wore the university emblem for the student representatives. The ceremony was ended with singing the song of "ode to the Motherland".