The Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Deepening Integrated Development of Famous Cities and Famous Universities Signed by Suzhou Municipal People' Government and Soochow University

In order to actively build an innovative ecology of serving high-quality development and building a high-level research university with the same frequency and resonance, and form a university land integration development community, on September 1th, Suzhou Municipal People's government and Soochow University signed an agreement on deepening integrated development strategy of famous cities and famous universities from 2020 to 2035, jointly promoting "double first-class" construction of Soochow University, and construction of public application-oriented undergraduate university sponsored and managed by Suzhou municipal government, further promoting integration of the university and Suzhou city, and accelerating   development of the strategy of "integrated development of famous cities and famous universities" to a higher level.


Several government and university leaders attended the meeting, including Zhou Naixiang, Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Ge Daokai, Head of Jiangsu Education Department,  Li Yaping, Mayor of Suzhou City, Secretary Jiang Yong and President Xiong Sidong of Soochow University.



Jiang Yong introduced achievements in construction of Soochow University and development of Suzhou after implementation of integrated development strategy of famous cities and famous universities. Ge Daokai highlighted that the competition in the new era was the competition of talents and science and technology. If Suzhou wanted to have a greater development at a higher starting point, it must rely on the education system. Soochow University should make greater contributions to this and provide a continuous momentum for local construction and development of education in the province. Zhou Naixiang hoped that two sides would work together for win-win cooperation and create a model for local universities to support development of universities and boost local construction.


At the meeting, "the strategic cooperation agreement on deepening integrated development of famous cities and famous universities by Suzhou Municipal People's Government and Soochow University" was signed. According to the agreement, Suzhou Municipal People's government would support construction of "double first-class" of Soochow University into the overall planning of the city's economic and social development, and support construction of first-class disciplines in multiple fields of Soochow University in terms of policies and funds. Soochow University would concentrate on development needs of Suzhou strategic emerging industry cluster, with a focus on construction of electronic information, biomedicine, nano materials, artificial intelligence and other advantageous discipline clusters closely related to Suzhou industry. In addition, Suzhou Municipal People's government and Soochow University supported transformation of Wenzheng College of Soochow University into a municipal public application-oriented undergraduate university.