A Grand Opening Ceremony of the 2017 academic year for Undergraduates Held

On the morning of 23rd, Sep, the Opening Ceremony of 2017 academic year for the undergraduate was held at the south of Zhong Lou of Tiancizhuang Campus. Professor Zhan Qimin, Academician of China's Engineering Academy, graduate of 1977, Deputy Principal of Peking University, was invited to attend this ceremony. Leaders of Soochow University including Jiang Yong, Xiong Sidong, and other vice principals as well as deans of all the colleges, teachers, students, excellent graduates, and 6587 first-year students from more than 15 countries and various regions attended this ceremony. Rui Guoqiang, members of the Standing Committee of CPC host the whole ceremony.

Before the Opening Ceremony, teachers and seniors performed an excellent warm-up show to welcome freshmen of 2017. Despite the rain, the enthusiasm and joyance radiates from within the attendees, as their cheers and applauses echoed around the century-old campus.At nine o'clock, the Opening Ceremony started with the solemn national anthem.

Xu Zhiwen, a physics major from C.W. Chu College, took the floor on behalf of the freshmen who enrolled this year. "Ten years ago, when visiting Soochow University with my mother, I was so deeply attracted that it had become my goal since then. It was the only university I applied for and luckily I made it." He added that he would cherish the time as a college student and use it to develop a healthy personality, shoulder social responsibilities, and prepare himself for a bright future.

The representative of senior students She Qiqi from School of Arts also gave a speech. She said: "Three years ago, like all of you, I was fortunately admitted to Soochow University, where. we can learn professional knowledge. There are many possibilities and whichever cause we may choose, we will eventually taste the fruit of success, as long as we keep studying and practicing." She encouraged the younger to have the patience to overcome difficulties, the confidence to broaden horizons, the determination to take responsibilities, and the courage to write their own stories.

Professor Su Xiong, a doctoral supervisor of the Department of Medicine, gave a speech as teacher representative. "You are likely to run into difficulties and go through hardship all the way along. But as long as you stick to your goal and never give up, you will surely discover where your interests lie and what kind of work you love. If you are still confused about your future potential, then keep hunting for it and have an open mind to embrace all kinds of knowledge outside of your majors." Professor Su shared his experiences in Soochow University to encourage students to single out their interests, to develop good learning habits, to make full use of rich resources provided by the university, to keep improving themselves and to contribute to the the university's prosperity in future.

One of the excellent graduates, academician Zhan Qimin, made a speech to the first year students. He shared his stories with them, talking of his pursuit of knowledge in college. He professed his sincere affection for Soochow University by singing a song Sound of waves once more adapted by himself: "The way back is far away but memories never fade; the tone of the bell in the midnight decorates my beautiful dream; Slight sorrow swells up in my heart and I hear the sound of waves once more; The sound of waves recalls my deepest desire and alma mater is where my soul always lingers". Mr. Zhan said that there was always a place in one's heart just like a limipid spring or a happy harbor, which to him was his Alma mater Soochow University.

Zhan Minqi advised the first year students to be more concentrated. "You should be concentrated on setting up life goals, developing good personalities, cultivating independent thinking and forming healthy personal habits." He hoped freshmen could embrace diligence, innovative mind and proper moral values. While following their poetic heart of fernweh, they should not forget their original intention as well as the concern from their parents and Alma Mater.

Finally, President Xiong Sidong addressed a speech. "This year, we have admitted 4470 science students, 1062 humanity students and 515 students of physical training. The whole university keeps a good gender balance with the ratio of boys to girls being 1:1.2... Zhao Junqiao, our fellow student of commercial college, will be fifteen in 72 hours. As the youngest freshman, you are expected to be an aspirational pioneer in the future study..." President Xiong Sidong introduced all the new student by citing a lot of big data, and accounted new Sudaer style through stories between 8 freshmen and SUDA. "I've also learned that one of our students who is from Literature College, has an inspirational name, Zhan Wangweilai(which means looking forward to the future). For the students here, I hope you can put aside mobile games and look forward to the future as well as her". President Xiong's humorous speech greatly warmed up the atmosphere. Then President Xiong introduced the history and development of Soochow University.

For a new start, President Xiong Sidong made good wishes to new students --- to go beyond mediocre and to pursue for excellence. He said that although we came from the ordinary, but our hearts are forward excellence. There might be only one step between mediocrity and excellence, and this one step is the distance from looking up, from turning around, from raising head, from bending down, from crossing over. He fervently wished that students could enjoy their youth and strive for excellence through looking up, turning around, raising head, bending down and crossing over, to make their joining in this university be the most wonderful and memorable chapters in their life; and also President Xiong wished all the students could "keep initial hearts and live up to young dreams".

When the ceremony was about to end, Secretary Jiang Yong, President Xiong Sidong and all the freshmen sent best wishes to 14 students whose birthday was at the same day of the ceremony. These lucky ones had their photos presented on the big screen and received warm applause of blessing from all the teaching faculty and fellow students.

"I feel so warm and touched!" After the ceremony, a student from the School of Computer Science and Technology, Wu Haiyang, with a cup of ginger soup in hand, exclaimed:"Today is my 19-year -old birthday, and I've got the best wishes from the whole university! So surprising and so touching! Soochow University is a grand family of love. Although today is rainy and windy, I could feel the warmth from the university. I'm so grateful for such an unforgettable memory."