The 16th In-class Teaching Competition Closed with Great Success

To further enhance the team-building effort of young teachers, and to promote reform and to improveteaching quality in class, the 16th In-class Teaching Competition was held in our university since the end of this September.

The competition was highly regarded among many young teachers who actively participated in this one-month event. After rounds of matches among schools, 18 teachers finally entered the university final: the match of live teaching. The match, which took place in Wensi Building of the East Campus was openly held among three distinct groups: theHumanity, the Science and Engineering and the Medical Science. Teacher representatives from various schools gathered to witness their performance. After tight competition, Fang Liang from School of Physics, Optoelectronics and Energy, Jiang Zuoquan from School of Nano Science and Technology, Shen Wendi from School of Physical Education, Liu Zhongzhi from Dongwu Business School, Zhou Peng and Chang Xin from Medical Science School got the 1st prize; Chen Changqiang from School of Literature and other 11 teachers got the 2nd prize; Xu Jingbo from Phoenix Communication School and other 21 teachers got the 3rd prize.

This year's competition inherited the form of that of past years, i.e. to choose topics randomly and to focus on interaction. First of all, the participants randomly selected a piece of teaching content for a 15-min presentation to demonstrate their adapting ability and teaching skills. Secondly, the contest focuses more on reflection and feedback: several experts were invited to ask questions after presentation and also give comments on their performance. They provided rewarding advice for the participants and helped them improve their teaching approaches.