Dongwu ThinkTank of Soochow University Included in 2017 China's Key ThinkTanks

On 10th, Nov, the Forth National Human Science Appraisal Summit was held in Beijing by Appraisal Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The theme of this summit is "to evaluate and summarize the new thinktanks with Chinese characteristics". According to the 2017 AMI Research Report on Chinese ThinkTanks, Dongwu ThinkTanks of Soochow University is included in 2017 China's Key ThinkTanks.

243 thinktanks in total attended this appraisal and 79 are finally included in the China's Key ThinkTanks. Apartment from Soochow University, 15 thinktanks including that of Peking University State-governing Coordinative Innovation Center and that of Fudan University Development Institute have been selected into Higher Education A level ThinkTanks.

Dongwu ThinkTank was built up in 2011 and is the first university which was registered with independent legal license as a non-beneficial social organization. In 2016, it managed to be selected as key thinktank in Jiangsu and in CTTI ThinkTank list.