Signing Ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Soochow University and CCB Held Recently

On the evening of November 17th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Soochow University and China Construction Bank (CCB) was held at the meeting center of the Gold Mantis School of Architecture and Urban Environment. Attendees of the signing ceremony are as follows: Wang Jiang, the vice-governor of Jiangsu Province; Chu Liusheng, the deputy secretary general of Jiangsu provincial government; Wang Guopei, the secretary of the Party committee of the education department of Jiangsu province; Huang Xi, the general manager of the business department of the head office of CCB; Zhang Weiyu, the president and Party secretary of CCB, Suzhou Branch; Xu Yongliang, the vice-president and member of the Party committee of CCB, Suzhou Branch; the leaders of relevant departments of CCB, Suzhou Branch; the leaders of Soochow University (including Jiang Yong, Xiong Sidong, Yang Yixin, Jiang Xinghong, Zhou Gao, and Liu Biao); and the major directors in related departments, colleges and schools of Soochow University. The very signing ceremony was hosted by President XiongSidong.

On behalf of all the faculty members of Soochow University, Secretary Jiang Yong extended a cordial welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests presented in the ceremony. After a brief introduction to the great progresses made in recent years and the current development status of Soochow University, Secretary Jiang hoped that by making full use of this cooperation, the University could, based on the current "Collaborative Innovation Center of Finance" and "Joint Laboratory of Big Data and Business Intelligence", develop an excellent project combining all the financial and educational resources, so as to provide CCB with talents and intelligence supports, and promote its capabilities to serve the construction cause of the nation, reduce financial risks, and win the competitions in the international arena. In addition, Secretary Jiang also believed that with the supports from Jiangsu provincial government and Suzhou municipal government, the "Dream of Soochow University" and the "Dream of CCB" could be fulfilled at an early date under the joint efforts of both sides.

On behalf of China Construction Bank, General Manager Huang Xi offered his heartfelt thanks to the trust and supports of Soochow University. She expressed that the very strategic cooperation agreement would open a new chapter for the win-win situation of both sides. By utilizing the advantages of advanced technology, channel supports, and highly-competent teams, China Construction Bank, according to Huang, would continue to provide Soochow University with comprehensive financial supports in digitalized development, campus construction, individual services for teachers and students, and the integration of production, learning, research and application.

Witnessed by the guests presented, Chief Accountant Zhou Gao and General Manager Huang Xi signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Soochow University and China Construction Bank, on behalf of the two organizations respectively.

At the end of the ceremony, Vice-Governor Wang Jiang and Vice-President Zhang Gengsheng unveiled the nameplate for the "Salary Card of Soochow University".