Soochow University Wins First Prize in 2017 MCM

The results of 2017 Higher Education Club Cup National Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling(MCM) have been released, and a team of Qiu Haiquan, Tang Wei, Wang Zhenqi was designated with a national first prize after an interval of 16 years.

Founded in 1992 and jointly hosted by Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Society of Industry and Applied Mathematics of China, the annual MCM is one of the most influential contests across the nation.

36,375 teams consisting of nearly 110,000 undergraduates from 34 province-level regions of China as well as overseas regions including Singapore and Australia participated in the 2017 MCM.294 teams were designated with a national first prize, accounting for 0.89% of the total.

The 2017 contest started from 8 a.m. on Sept. 14 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 17. This 72-hour contest required vast knowledge in various fields and every contestant must be competent in mathematics, computers, writing and English expression.

In addition to Qiu's team, another three teams from Soochow University were designated with a national second prize; two a first prize of Jiangsu province, 9 a second prize, and 9 a third prize; which is the best score in history.