Soochow Alumnus Professor Rui Xiaoting and Soochow Chair Professor Zhao Yuliang Elected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

On November 28th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the result of the election for 2017 new academicians. Through the procedures of recommendation, peer review, public review, conference review and all-academician voting, 61 scholars are elected as new academicians and 16 scholars are elected as foreign academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences.Professor Rui Xiaoting, Soochow Alumnus of 1977 and Professor Zhao Yuliang,Chair Professor at Soochow, are among the newly elected academicians.

Professor Rui is an expert of launching dynamics who graduatd from Soochow University in1982. He is currently a researcher and PhD supervisor, and Director of the Institute of Launching Dynamics at Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Meanwhile Professor Rui is a member (Part-time) of the Science and Technology Committee of the Military Commission of the Central Committee of theCPC.

Professor Zhao Yuliang's research is focused on the effects and safety of nano-biology.Professor Zhao was a member enlisted in the program of "Introducing Outstanding Foreign Talents (Also known as 'One Hundred Talent Scheme')" of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000. Since July 2001, Professor Zhao started to work at the Academy as a researcher and Ph.D supervisor at the Institute of high energyphysics; he is also a "Distinguished Young Scholar" (A national program for sponsoring talented young scholars), a Principal Scientist of 973 Program, a part-time professor of Peking University, and the Deputy Direct of the Key Laboratory for Biomedical Effects of Nanomaterials and Nanosafety of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In April 2007, Professor Zhao was positioned as the Assistant Director of the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, and in May, he started to work as the Deputy Director, Researcher, and PhD supervisor at the center. In September 2012, Professor Zhao Yuliang was invited to be a Guest Professor at Soochow University and in 2015 he became a Chair Professor here.