One Year for Fangta Release: Pave the Path for Information Transparency and Openness

One year ago, Soochow University launched the platform of Fangta Release, a platform for the release of official information and announcement, in order to break the information barriers between institutions and the society and avoid misunderstandings. The Platform is the first of its style in Chinese universities and with the principle of being "active, transparent, objective, and authentic", it has released 47 pieces of information in the past year, covering fields ranging from the general information of the institution, the teaching and research and the internationalization, to the campus information and third-party evaluations, which has served as a very effective window for the university to connect with the public.

Fangta Release adopts a reader-friendly approach for publicizing information and the website has been visited over 253.9 thousand times over the year, some of the most frequently browsed items being "Internationalization of Education at Soochow University(2016)", "Term Professors at Soochow University", "Third-party Evaluation of Soochow University", "Undergraduate Education at Soochow University (2016)", and "Admission Results of Postgraduate Students (2016)". Some items have also been forwarded by the official WeChat account of the university and reached thousands of users and readers. Such a wide publicity demonstrates the importance of information release as well as the public concerns for the university.

The development of the Fangta Release platform signifies the achievement of Soochow in enhancing the transparency and openness of information and leads the reform of information management in higher education sector. The Platform shall focus more on the needs of students and teachers by publicizing data and announcements that are valuable for guiding and supervising the development of the institution in the era of "Big Data".

For a better future of Soochow University, Fangta Release shall incorporate information from more departments in a systematic manner. With the innovative ideas and trials, it shall certainly contribute to the cause of building the university in accordance with the program of "first-rate universities, first-rate disciplines".