Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Soochow University and the University of Sydney

On the morning of Dec. 14th, Professor Stephen Garton, Vice President and Provost of the University of Sydney, visited Soochow with his fellow colleagues. Vice President Zhang Xiaohong of Soochow met with the visitors and the two parties signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between Soochow University and the University of Sydney.


Zhang extended a cordial welcome to Professor Garton and introduced to him about Soochow. Zhang told Garton that Soochow has been developing rapidly in internationalization and has established cooperation with many overseas universities. Zhang also highlighted that an Australian Studies Centre was founded in Soochow in the early 1990s, through which contact and exchange have been kept active between Soochow and USYD. Also, Zhang was very positive about the future of the cooperation between the two institutions as USYD has set its China Centre in Suzhou. Zhang expressed his wish that Soochow and USYD can start with the cooperation from the programs of School of Foreign Languages of Soochow and expand it to other schools and disciplines gradually.


Professor Garton thanked Vice President Zhang for his reception and also expressed very positive views concerning the cooperation between the two parties. According to Professor Garton, the University of Sydney shares many similarities with Soochow in areas such as disciplinary settings and research focuses; USYD has been dedicated to enhancing the exchange between students through the cooperation between professors at the international level, which is also the reason that USYD has set its China Centre in Suzhou. Professor Garton acknowledged that Soochow's Australian Studies Centre and its research are well reputed in the world and he believed that, with the signing of the Memorandum, the two institutes are to further the cooperation ranging from exchanges programs of undergraduates and joint Master’s and Ph.D programs to joint research projects.


A number of staff from both universities attended the meeting and the signing ceremony of the memorandum, including Professor Zhu Xingfu, Dean of School of Foreign Language of Soochow, Ms. Cathryn Hlavka, Director of the University of Sydney Centre in China, Ms. Deng Yanyan, Operation Manager of the Centre, and Ms. Chai Xiaojuan, Manager of Government and Partnership of the Centre.