Soochow University’s Hunting for High-level Talents in the U.K.

Aiming at fully implementing the strategy of prospering the university with talents, broadening the channel for the introduction of overseas talents, and building a high-level internationalized faculty team, the delegation from the HR department and the office of international cooperation and exchange of Soochow University held a recruitment talkat the University of Cambridge and the Imperial College London in the U.K. on April 21st. over a hundred of young scholars from China and other countries participated in the meeting. During his academic visit in the country, President XiongSidong also presented in the meeting at the weekend.


At the Recruitment Talk, President XiongSidong introduced the general information of Soochow University and its rapid development in the past decade to those young scholars presented, and explained the strategy of ‘prospering the university with talents’ in a detailed way. He pointed out that as a comprehensive institution, Soochow University relies upon the talents in all kinds of areas to better its development. Bearing an open and tolerant attitude, the university always values the engagement of global talents. On behalf of the university, President Xiongsincerely hope that distinguished scholars in different field could work for the university and build a brighter future for the institution by serving as a part of it.


After a detailed explanation on the talent policies of Soochow University, Mr. Zhu Qiaoming, the director of the Human Resource Center of the institution, introduced the system featuring “double valuing”, namely the university values the introduction of talents and cares about their development. In other words, the university not only focuses on the introduction of talents but emphasizes the retainment and individual development of relevant elites. In fact, the university has established a relatively sound system for talent introduction and development and paved the road in different functional departments for the implementation of related talent polices by providing scientific researchers with advanced hardware and an integrated service covering basic necessities of life. Supported by the governments at all levels (including Jiangsu Provincial government and Suzhou Municipal government), the university also endeavors to solve the issues concerning their housing and children’s education in the city. By getting rid of all the possible troubles and problems, we sincerely hope that you outstanding young scholars could be a part of Soochow University and develop yourself here at Suzhou.


With deep interest in the career opportunity offered by Soochow University, those young scholars presented made an in-depth communication with the delegation in the Open Q&A session on issues like the living and working environment in Suzhou and the advantages and layout of different disciplines in Soochow University.


As an essential measure to implement the strategies of internationalization and ‘prospering the university with talents’, the “Overseas Recruitment Talk” would be held in many other foreign countries regularly in the future by the HR department and the Office for International Cooperation and Exchange after the recruitment activities in the U.K.