The delegation of the University of Windsor Visited Soochow University

Led by Vice President Michael Siu, the delegation of the University of Windsor, including Dr. Ken Montgamery, the dean of Faculty of Education and Professor ShijingXu, visited Soochow University on the morning of May 23rd with the purpose of discussing the cooperation between both universities in pedagogy and other fields. Vice President Zhang Xiaohong met the delegation led by Vice President Michael Siu at the meeting center of the Laura Haygood Memorial. Among the attendees were Feng Chengzhi, the president of the School of Education of Soochow University, Jiang Xiaohong, the secretary of the Party committee of the School of Education, and Zhang Qiao, the director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange.



After extending his cordial welcome to the delegation, Vice President Zhang Xiaohong introduced the history and development progresses of Soochow University. He expressed that the university always attaches great importance to international cooperation and has established partnerships with over 190 universities and institutes in more than 30 countries currently. He hoped that by taking advantage of this meeting, the university could promote its cooperation with the University of Windsor, especially that of joint cultivation and collaborative studies in pedagogy.



With the gratitude to our university for the warm reception, Dr. Vice President Michael Siu introduced the overview of the University of Windsor. He pointed out that there were a bunch of similarities for Soochow University and the University of Windsor in program settings and development orientation. With the continuous growth of comprehensive strengths in recent years, both universities embraced a good development momentum, which laid a good foundation for the cooperation between both sides. 


Afterwards, Dr. Ken Montgamer and President Feng Chengzhi introduced the general information of their schools respectively in discipline settings, program orientation, and faculty construction. Meanwhile, they also discussed the cooperation possibility of joint talent cultivation and collaborative studies in areas like “reciprocal learnings in pedagogy”.


On behalf of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Director Zhang Qiao discussed the cooperation possibilities in other areas. Both universities also reached the consensus that starting with the cooperation in the schools of education, they could further the collaboration in other disciplines and areas.