Welcome Academician Charles Ling& Professor Li Ruoxin and Zhao Qingchun for Joining Soochow University

Recently,Academician Charles Lingof the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Professor Li Ruoxin and Zhao Qingchun, two National Distinguished Experts under the Thousand Talents Plan have joined Soochow University. We hereby extend our cordial welcome to the three professors!


Introduction to Academician Ling Xiaofeng

Charles Ling, born in May 1963, is a male academician at Canadian Academy of Engineering. Currently, Mr. Ling serves as a chair professor of Soochow University and the head of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence. Graduated from the Department of Electronics and Computer Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1985, Ling earned his master and doctor degrees within four years at the Department of Computer and Information Science of the University of Pennsylvania. Afterwards, he started his teaching career at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Western Ontario, and served as a tenured professor and a distinguished researcher at the university and the director of the Data Mining and Business Intelligence Lab.   


By devoting himself to the development of computer and artificial intelligence, Academician Lin furthers his explorations in many fields, including data mining and machine learning, network application, business, health care and biological information. Among his research interests are machine learning algorithms related to search engines and information retrieval, semi-supervised learning (active learning& collaborative trainings), cost-sensitive learning,Bayesian learning, and data mining & relevant applications. Professor Ling has published over 160 papers in different international academic conferences and periodicals, and now serves as the associate editor of influential periodicals like IEEE TKDE,ACM TIST, and Computational Intelligence, a director of Chinese Canadian National Council London Chinese Cultural Center, and a senior technical adviser of the National Engineering Laboratory of Peking University. In addition, Professor Ling used to work as the Chairman of Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, a visiting researcher of Microsoft Research China, a student scholar at the University of Western Ontario and the Chairman of Chinese Professor Association.


Academician Ling has made many researches and developments on massive health and child education. In terms of massive health, by utilizing the management system for chronic diseases developed with methods of bigdata analysis, he has provided many customized health management plans for chronic disease sufferers and those demanders for health management or weight reduction via Go Health Now. Meanwhile, by integrating the researches in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, he has developed an all-around thinking strategy, with which he could strengthen children’s brains and facilitate their studies in math, sciences and other fields. Because of the very thinking strategy, Ling was invited to made a special report on the International Conference of Cognitive Science. Besides, the book Power Thinking edited by Professor Ling was also recommended by Curriculum Services Canada and adopted by hundreds of Canadian elementary schools in Ontario. In addition, in his book Crafting Your Research Future, co-written with Professor Yang Qiang, Ling systematically introduced the indispensable competences, research objectives and study methods of Ph.D. candidates. The Chinese edition of the book also maintains influential in China and is evaluated as “most valuable guidelines for young scholars”.



Introduction to Professor Li Ruoxin

Li Ruoxin, born in March 1962, is a national distinguished expert under the Thousand Talents Plan. Currently, Mr. Li serves as a special term professor of Soochow University. After graduating from his undergraduate program at Beijing Normal University in 1985, Professor Li earned his doctor degree in chemistry at Princeton University in 1994 and the master degree in business administration at Rutgers University in 1999. After graduation, Professor Li used to work onthe development of new products in surface chemistry and functional chemicals related areas in many Fortune 500 international companies and serve as the chief representative of American corporations in Asia/China. With the responsibility of developing products based on the demands of market, Professor Li has earned many invention patents in China and abroad and made great values for his company and brilliant contributions to the community by successfully marketizing abundant projects.


Considering the development and marketization of functional printing ink, coatings, and relevant auxiliaries his long-term career plans, Professor Li Ruoxin have developed a series of functional high-efficiency surface active agent based on the applications of terminal market, including GEMINI, and promoted the efficiency of different boundary materials. Professor Li’s inventions can be applied in pigments, dyestuffs, the dispersion of inorganic/organic materials, the preparation of nano materials, functional printing ink and coatings, etc. With special emphases on the application of various new materials in traditional industries, the team led by Professor Li, by studying on the micromorphology and modification of materials, has promoted the application values of those new materials and fully manifested the characteristics of different materials. For instance, by applying graphene in the textile and garment industry and the field of energy conservation and improving the quality of printing anddyeing andthe efficiency of energy and water conservations in related industry via Nano-dye particles, the team of professor Li has promoted the production efficiency for enterprises and facilitated the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction.


By virtue of over 30 authorized patents in abroad, Professor Li Ruoxin was appointed successively as a distinguished expert under the Thousand Talents Plan of China, an outstanding scholar under theThousand Talents Plan of Zhejiang Province, a leading pioneer in science and technology innovation in Huzhou, and a professor-level senior engineer in Zhejiang Province. Meanwhile, Professor Li had also won the full scholarship of Princeton University.



Introduction to Professor Zhao Qingchun

Zhao Qingchun, born in December 1964, is a national distinguished expert under the Thousand Talents Plan. Currently, Mr. Li serves as a special term professor of Soochow University, and a leader of the key innovation and entrepreneurship teams under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. After graduating from the Department of Engineering Optics of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Zhao Qingchun started his career in nanocomposites and optical computing applications after earning his master degree at Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS in 1990 and his doctor degree at the State Lab. of Fine Functional Electronic Materials and Devices. Afterwards, he started his post-doctoral researches at the Centre for Electrophotonic Materials and Devices of McMaster University from 1996 to 1998. Upon completing his researches at the center, Professor Zhao furthered his studies in related industries and returned to China in October 2010. Mr. Zhao used to serve as an engineer, a project director, and a chief engineer at several global enterprises specialized in laser technology and applications, including JDS Uniphase,Nortel Networks,Ozoptics, Intense,Binoptics and Alfalight. 


Considering the development and industrialization of products in the field of semiconductor laser unit as his long-term career, including related designs, processes and preparation, packages, optical coupling, optical shaping, etc., Professor Zhao has published over 20 representative papers, and applied for and held over 30 patents. 


As a former director of the seventh board of directors of the Chinese Optical Society (COS), Professor Zhao serves as a member of the standing committee of the Lase Processing Committee of the COS since 2014, and a founding director-general of SIP Laser Industry Innovation Alliance Association. In 2017, Professor Zhao became an overseas representative of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Guangzhou Province, the executive director of the Overseas Exchange Associations in Jiangsu and Guangzhou Provinces, and an entrepreneurship supervisor of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China, and Western Returned Scholars Association. In addition, Professor Zhao was also awarded as a leading pioneer of Suzhou Industrial Park, the first group of leading pioneers for the entrepreneurship in Suzhou, and an essential leading pioneer in the first batch of A-Class key projects under the “Blue Sea Talent Plan” set by Nanhai District of Foshan, and the Project 321 of Nanjing. In 2014, the team led by Professor Zhao became the first batch of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Groups in Foshan. A year later, the team was also accepted as a Key Project for Overseas Chinese Teams under the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.