MSc Student of Soochow University Published in Top International Journal

On October 10th, a paper titled Single-stage AC-AC Converter with Controllable Phase and Amplitude was admitted by IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, an international authoritative journal in the electrical engineering. This paper was written byGuan Shuangfeng (second author), an MSc student inSchool of Mechanical and Electric Engineering and ProfessorZhang Youjun, Guan’s supervisor(first author and corresponding author). The paper was also accessible online in IEEE Xplore(Early AccessDOI: 10.1109/TPEL.2018.2875093). Its printed version will be published soon.

IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics is a Quartile 1 Top journal in JCR Journal Ranking of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Judging from the major category, it is Quartile 1 Top journal in Engineering Technology field; from the secondary category, it belongs to Engineering as well as Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Quartile 1 in Electronics and Electricity field. Its impact factor in 2017 was 7.151.

In order to improve the stability of electric system together with the transmission capacity and power flow control of power grids, the researchers suggested adopting single-stage AC-AC converter with controllable phase and amplitude (ACCPA). They also carried out theoretical research on it and made experimental verification of its principle prototype. They prove that on one hand, single-stage ACCPA can access to high-voltage grids easily. By adjusting the amplitude and phase of node voltage in the grids, it can accurately control both active and reactive power flows. On the other hand, single-stage ACCPA only experiences primary power conversion, and it doesn't contain direct-currency energy storage components. Therefore, it overcomes the shortages demonstrated by the components in UPFC such as high failure rate, short life and high maintenance costs. Many reviewers considered this paper to be of novel concept and innovative circuit structure and were glad that it will provide a completely new resolution to power transmission control. They are looking forward to the following research achievements.

The paper was also a part of the research project funded bythe National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Postdoctoral Scientific Research Foundation, Postdoctoral Scientific Research Foundation in Jiangsu Province and Key Laboratories Foundation in Jiangsu Province. Professor Zhang and his team have published about 20 papers and applied about 20 patents on their research achievements. Among those, 4 papers published in SCI were ranked in Quartile 1.

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