Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Signed between Soochow University and CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd

On the morning of October 8, the signing ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between Soochow University and CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd was held in Dushuhu Campus. Lin Naijie and XIAO Feng, leaders from CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd attended the ceremony. President Xiong Sidong, Vice Oresident Yang Yixin and other leaders of Soochow also presented at the ceremony. Lu Jianmei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Soochow Committee and Vice President of the university, presided the ceremony.

At first, Lu introduced all the leaders present and expressed her warm welcome. In her speech, she mentioned the extensive and frequent exchanges together with the fruitful cooperation between Soochow University and CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd. She pointed out that the signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement will further promote their cooperation and future development.

Hu Dongming, general manager from CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd, introduced the general background and assumptions of constructing an industrial park of accelerator application. He expressed that, following the new trend of high-quality development, utilizing the disciplinary advantages in terms of radiation medicine and materials science at Soochow University, this agreement should become a platform of coordinate cooperation and promote the relative construction of disciplines and cultivation of talents. Furthermore, he expressed his belief that the agreement will realize the complementary advantages and co-development between the two parties.

Then, President Xiong introduced the development of College of Radiation Medicine and Protection of Soochow University. He underlined that radiation medicine and protection is one of the advanced disciplines of Soochow University. In recent years, disciplines that centered on radiation medicine and protection have developed rapidly. He also stressed that this agreement will make great contributions to a further cooperation among the government, university and corporation; at the same time, it will benefit the exploration of original core technologies. In addition, faculties and students at Soochow University will take advantages of their specialty in different fields to ensure a strategic cooperation and a leapfrog development between the corporation and the university.

With the witness of all the other guests, director Lin Naijie, representing CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd and vice president Yang Yixin, representing Soochow University, signed the agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will develop strategic cooperation in various aspects such as the construction of an industrial park of accelerator application and talents cultivation.