The Opening of “Cloud University of Soochow” Project

On October 30th, the Opening Ceremony of “Cloud University of Soochow” project jointly launched by Soochow University and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Academic Hall of Red Building, Soochow University. This move marked the official launch of the project and the advancement of the pragmatic cooperation between two sides.

Lu Chunyun, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, Yang Ping, Vice President of Huawei EBG in China, Lu Wei, General Manager of Huawei's corporate business department in Jiangsu Province and also Director of Huawei's education and medical solutions division, Zhang Huizhan, senior technical director, XiongSidong, President of Soochow University, as well as leaders and experts from Huawei, members of the “Soochow University in The Air” advisory group, heads of various functional departments of the school and representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony. This ceremony was presided over by Vice President Yang Yixin of Soochow University.

President XiongSidong delivered a speech on behalf of the school to warmly welcome those leaders and experts. He emphasized that nowadays, the current of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence was coming; the world was undergoing tremendous and profound changes and the development of higher education was facing unprecedented challenges. This project, on the basis of real Soochow University, is going to establish a mirrored, digital, and intelligent future university. It is a great attempt of epoch-making significance to adapt to the times, to face the future, and to promote the transformation of higher education with technological innovation. This "small step" may become a "big step" in higher education. The construction of “Cloud University of Soochow” has truly entered the “no-man's land” of higher education reform. It is believed that the two sides will cooperate sincerely to jointly paint this project a magnificent blueprint.
In his speech, Vice President Yang Ping addressed a brief introduction of the achievements of Huawei's reform and development in recent years to the audience. He stressed that the two sides would take this cooperation as an opportunity to actively explore the ideas of personnel training, scientific research, campus management services, etc., to achieve more efficient resource scheduling and allocation, and to make “Cloud University of Soochow”a model for future universities. It could also provide experience for the transformation of other colleges and universities to be all-digital universities.
In order to better solve the major issues coordinately in the process of the construction of “Cloud University of Soochow”, Soochow University and Huawei have established Soochow University-Huawei Strategic Cooperation Joint Conference System, which is co-convened by President XiongSidong and vice president Yang Ping. Through consultation, two sides have also established the “Cloud University of Soochow” Joint Venture Center of Soochow University-Huawei, and employed director Zhang Huizhan and vice president Yang Yixin as co-directors of the center, and Zhang also as chief technical officer.

At the meeting, Director Zhang Huizhan released the blueprint of the "Cloud University of Soochow", and used vivid examples to describe the scene of future university. He said that the two sides would carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of personnel training, scientific research, management decision-making, and campus services, etc., and jointly build an agile and reliable information and communication technology (ICT) platform to help Soochow University achieve a leap from a modern campus to a smart campus.
Deputy Mayor Lu Chunyun expressed warm congratulations on the construction of “Cloud University of Soochow” on behalf of the Suzhou Municipal People's Government. He said that the rapid development of Soochow University in recent years had made positive contributions to promoting Suzhou's industrial innovation and talent cultivation; the economic and social development of Suzhou, meanwhile, had also provided a huge space for the school’s development. The Suzhou Municipal Government would, as always, support the development of Soochow University, and work with it to accelerate the strategy of “integrating and developing famous cities and schools” to help the school reach a new level.
The first meeting of the Soochow University-Huawei Strategic Cooperation Joint Conference was held later. The meeting reviewed and approved the list of members of the Soochow University-Huawei Strategic Cooperation Joint Conference, the list of working groups (the first batch), and the list of members of the “Cloud University of Soochow” advisory group, deliberated and passed the rules of the Soochow University-Huawei Strategic Cooperation Joint Conference and its work plan in 218-2019. Participants exchanged opinions on the establishment of “Cloud University of Soochow” project and put forward suggestions for its construction of the top-level design plan, big data platform and technology experience center.