Exhibition of Historical Records and Pictures of Tokyo Trial Held in Nanjing

In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Tokyo Trial, under the sponsorship of Alumni Association of Soochow University, volunteers of Nanjing Alumni Association launched a wide range of alumni participation, visited various places to collect information, raised funds for the exhibition actively, and negotiated various exhibition plans. Throughover half a year of preparations,under joint efforts of multiple parties, Exhibition of Historical Records and Pictures of Tokyo Trial was held in Nanjing smoothly.


On the morning of November 25th,a grand opening ceremony was held at the Nanjing Civil Anti-Japanese War Museum for the exhibition. GuHao, former Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Ge Shaohua, Chairman of Nanjing Alumni Association of Soochow University, also former Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiang Yong,Secretary of the CPC Committee of Soochow University, Yang Yixin, vice president, and other alumni, teachers and people from all walks of life attended the unveiling ceremony.


Ge Shaohua said that the exhibition poured enthusiasm and painstaking efforts of Nanjing alumni. The alumni of the preparatory group used their spare time to collect information and repeatedly polished ten drafts. After half a year, they finally completed the content, publicity, resource financing and the final exhibition plan. Wu Xianbin, Director of Nanjing Civil Anti-Japanese War Museum believed that although the Tokyo Trial had been over for more than seven decades, it still reminded us to advocate the civilization while opposing the evil.


Jiang Yong thanked Nanjing alumni for their efforts in organizing the exhibition. He said that Soochow Spirit was a valuable asset passed down by Soochow University. Generations ofpeople of Soochow University remained true to their original aspiration and worked with stamina and diligence.They made great efforts in various jobs,fostered achievements,and made important contributions to national construction and social development. It was believed that under the leadership of Deputy Secretary Gu and Chairman Ge, with joint efforts of many alumni, Nanjing Alumni Association would achieve greater success in serving alumni, liaising with the alma mater, and promoting local economic and social development.


GuHao highly affirmed significance of the exhibition and was proud of ten alumni who participated in Tokyo Trial. He maintained that the exhibition was a large-scale patriotic education activity. It wasdue to alumniwith their devotion to family and country and historical responsibility that all kinds of difficulties were overcome to complete the exhibition.


Subsequently, participating leadersjointly unveiled the exhibition, and Ge Shaohua issued commemorative cards to alumni representatives who donated money for the exhibition.

The exhibition also produced panoramic online Virtual Reality venues, and used the platform of WeChat to realize the simultaneous exhibition of online Virtual Reality venues and offline venues, which not only enhanced the interactive experience of the exhibition, but also enabled audiences who were unable to be on the spot to see the exhibition remotely.