2018 “Famous City, Famous School” Campus Marathon Kicked off at Soochow

On November 24th, the Campus Marathon of Soochow University of 2018 themed “Famous City, Famous School” and Jiangsu Provincial University Students Marathon League of 2018-2019 kicked off with vitality in the Tianci Zhuang Campus.


The Campus Marathon of Soochow University has been held for six consecutive years since it was first held in 2013. In order to advance the strategy of “integrated development of famous cities and famous schools” actively and achieve the innovation of group sports model,an open group for the public has been launched since 2016. At present, the campus marathon has developed into a campus sports cultural brand activity with Soochow University characteristics, which has promoted construction of a harmonious and positive campus culture atmosphere. This year, as one of the founding units, the Campus Marathon of Soochow Universityjoined in the Jiangsu Provincial University students Marathon League jointly organized by the Jiangsu Students Sports Association and the Jiangsu Sports Industry Group.


This year, the Campus Marathon of Soochow University continued to run “for the benefit of poor students”. In addition to collecting funds throughthe charity sale of products nearbythe Campus Marathon of Soochow University, the organizers also donated 100 love-name registration fees to “fund for the benefit of poor students”.Pan Jiatao, president of the 24th Huihan School assisted by Soochow University, told “stories of helping poor students”and expressed his deep feelings about helping students from less developed areas.


In the launching ceremony, the National Fitness Culture Tour Exhibition (Suzhou Station) of 2018 was officially launched. The event took sports culture exhibitions, traditional sports promotion and Olympic champion interaction as the innovative spotlights, andwas committed to promoting and popularizing sports culture and mass fitness culture.


As one of the most anticipated campus activities for citizens and teachers and students of Soochow University, the event got a positive response after it waslaunched.Teachers, students, alumni, and council members of Soochow University as well ascitizens enthusiastically signed up for the event. The entry quota was full within a few hours after the registration channel was opened. Campus marathon of this year still consisted of running happily along Soochow University, following up like a shadow, mini-sports and half race, attracting more than three thousand participants and nearly over ten thousand citizens.


“After graduation,I have been working in Suzhou. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will go back to Soochow University and take a look. Every time I come back to see the change ofalma mater, I am really proud. This time I take my son to participate in the Campus Marathon of Soochow University and run together in Soochow University campus,I feel particularly meaningful.” Wang Dan, who was admitted to School of Computer Science and Technology of Soochow University in 2002, has graduated for more than a decade. Her speech conveyedher concern about alma mater.


“Campus marathon is an effective way to advocate the concept of national fitness. Well-equipped youths lead to a powerful country. Through this form, students can be encouraged to exercise their fitness and enthusiasm so that everyone can feel joy of sports while running.”Said Huang Xu, the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games gymnastics champion.


Among participating teams,there is also a special “scenery line”. The leaders from the 21 key feeder middle schools run “as a team” to experience sports enthusiasm brought by the Campus Marathon of Soochow University. “I am very happy to participate in this activity, which cannot only keep fit and popularize national fitness activities, but also share happiness, enhance physical fitness, and tough mind.” Pang Dingya, president of Wuhu No.1Middle School of Anhui Province, said that he was deeply impressed by the profound historical and cultural heritage, the beautiful campus environment, enthusiastic volunteers and thoughtful event service of Soochow University. It was his hope that more outstanding students from Wuhu No.1Middle School would be admitted to Soochow University in the future.


In order to let everyone fully experience the concept of nationwide participation of the Campus Marathon of Soochow University, the organizers set the color running experience, cartoon doll interaction in the process of running happily along Soochow University and following up like a shadow, and arranged a variety of derivative activities such as the photography contest and the graffiti match.


The organizers prepared portable bags (bags), timing labels, event guides, and souvenirs for the participants. The organizers also customized various T-shirts for different projects in particular, and set storage areas, drinking water supply stations, sports, the beverage supply station and the fixed medical point along the trackto ensure smooth development of the event. More intimately, the organizers also set a post-match stretching zone in the interactive zone and arranged for volunteers to provide post-match stretching services for those in need.


“The moment I am informed that Soochow University will hold this event, I sign up as a volunteer in no time. Everyone works together to get involved in maintenance of the order and provides various help for participants. I am very touched by enthusiasm presented by the group for smooth running of the event.” As a volunteer of this event, Gao Junyang, a freshman of School of Textile and Clothing Engineering, said that it was a great honor to make a contribution to this event and looked forward to signing up for the event next year and running with everyone.