Future Campus of Soochow University Projected in Wujiang District

In order to further deepen the integrated development strategy of “FamousCity,Famous University” andcomprehensively promotedeep university-locality integration, Soochow University and Government of Wujiang District, Suzhou decided to jointly build “Soochow University Future Campus” and construct the trinity university-running pattern featured by “reserve of talent cultivation, research on frontier forerunner, and transformation of emerging industries”, providing support for local promotion of supply-side structural reform, implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, and establishment of an open economic new system. On December 11th, the signing ceremony of Soochow University Future Campus was held in Wujiang, which marked a new journey of cooperation between the two sides.


Cao Houling, Vice Mayor of Suzhou City, Wang Qinghua, Party CommitteeSecretary of Wujiang District, Li Ming,Deputy Party CommitteeSecretary and Chief Executive of Wujiang District, Liu Wei, Member of the Standing Committee ofWujiang District Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, Leaders of Soochow University including Jiang Yong, Xiong Sidong, Deng Min, Yang Yixin,  and Zhou Gao, chargers of relevant departments of Wujiang District, relevant personnel of the Future Campus work group and heads of relevant departments attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Binggao, Deputy Chief Executive of Wujiang District.


In his speech, Secretary Wang Qinghua pointed out that Wujiang, as an important part of urban development strategy of Suzhou, had made remarkable progress in economic and social undertakings and would occupy a more important position in the future development of Suzhou. The cooperation and co-construction of the Future Campus with Soochow University, and joint forge of the comprehensive education park that reflected research on frontier forerunner, cultivation of high-quality talents, service of development of emerging industries in the region, and adaptation of work and life of high-end talents, which was an important part of implementing the comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement between the two sides and also a key step to promote the grasp of historical development opportunities of Wujiang and enhance regional comprehensive strength, and would play a significant role in boosting high-quality development of Wujiang. He emphasized that Wujiang District Committee and WujiangDistrict Government would continue to optimize and improve various service initiatives, provide optimal services for the Future Campus development, create the best environment, and work with Soochow University to create a good situation featuring joint construction, mutual promotion and win-win cooperation.


On behalf of Soochow University, SecretaryJiang Yongexpressed gratitude to Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Suzhou Municipal Government, and Wujiang District Committee and Wujiang District Government for their long-term concern and support for the construction and development of Soochow University. He pointed out that Soochow Universityalways adhered to being based on Suzhou, taking the moral education as the foundation, pursuing intensive construction as the main task, and making great progress in personnel training, scientific research, social services, and team building. The university vigorously implemented the integrated development strategy of “FamousCity,Famous University”, actively integrated into localities and served localities, and promoted deep integration of technological innovation and local economic and social development. The cooperation with Wujiang to jointly build the Future Campus was not only a test field for the university to deepen reform of running system and mechanism, but also a demonstration area and a source of radiation for international talent training and technological innovation. He emphasized that the university would take this as a major opportunity to comprehensively and pragmatically deepen the university-locality cooperation, actively promote deep integration of talent technology and industry, accelerate technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly deepen the concept of university-locality cooperation in building the Future Campusand implement it steadily, and make new contributions to promotionof construction of Wujiang featuring power, richness, beautifulness, height and newness and  realization of high- quality development of Suzhou.


President Xiong Sidong and Chief Executive Li Ming signed a framework agreement for the construction of the Future Campus on behalf of Soochow University and Wujiang District respectively.


In his speech, Vice Mayor Cao Houling pointed out that innovation is the first driving force for development of Suzhou. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government vigorously promoted the innovation development strategy and accelerated the comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as the core. Wujiang had a good industrial base and a strong innovation capability. As an important part ofregional development of Suzhou, it was also one of the most dynamic regions in the Yangtze River Delta. The establishment of Soochow University Future Campus in Wujiang would greatly promote the regional economic development of Wujiang. He hoped that both sides fully grasped opportunities for cooperation, focused on the overall situation, faced the future, made the planwith thehigher starting point, made the constructionwith higher standards, increased investment in construction, accelerated introduction of excellent education resources, and builtthe first-class national scientific and educational innovation center and the high-quality global service system, promoted transformation and upgrading of local economic development, and jointly created a win-win model for integrated development of “FamousCity,Famous University”. Finally, he wished that Soochow University Future Campus would be built smoothly and would be completed early.