PhD Candicate Yuan Yiang from Dongwu Business School Published in International Journal of Production Economics

In May 2019, the papertitled “The impact of transaction attributes on logistics outsourcing success: A moderated mediation model”, co-authored by Yuan Yang as the first author, Professor Chu Zhaofang and Professor Lai Fujun, was published in International Journal of Production Economics on line, an authoritative SCI journal in operation management and ranged to the top level of JCR.The influencing factor of the journal is 4.41 and the 5-Year influencing factor is4.98.


The paper draws upon transaction cost theory (TCT) and extends resource-based view (ERBV) to examine the mechanism through which transaction attributes (asset specificity and logistics technological uncertainty) affects logistics outsourcing success.


The paper link is https://www.sciencedirect.comscience/article/pii/S0925527319301677.