Research GroupLed by Associate Professor Xu Yadong from School of Physical Science and Technology Made Progress in the Field of Superstructure Material

Recently, Associate Professor Xu Yadong and his research groupfrom School of Physical science and Technology cooperated with Professor S. A. Cummer from Duke University in the United States and Professor Chen Ziting from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in designing and studying a transmission phase-gradient metagratings (PGM). In their study, based on the multiple reflection effect, the complex diffraction mechanism was revealed, and a new diffraction law was found, which was the higher order diffraction characteristics in PGM related to the parity of the number of elements in the Superlattice of PGM. By changing the mparity, the scattered wave could be converted between the transmission channel and the reflection channel, and this phenomenon was very robust. Relevant results titled Reversal of transmission and Reflection Based on acoustic metagratings with integer parity design were published in the Journal of Nature Communications with Soochow University as the first unit.

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