Dawoon Jung from Dongwu Business School Published Information Systems Research

Recently, the paper titled “Innovation and Policy Support for Two-Sided Market Platforms: Can Government Policy Makers and Executives Optimize Both Societal Value and Profits”, co-authored by Dawoon Jung from the Intelligent Supply Chain Research Center of Dongwu Business School of Soochow University, Byung Cho Kim, Myungsub Park from Korea University, and Detmar W. Straub from Temple University in the United States, has been accepted by Information Systems Research (ISR). ISR is a famous academic journal of INFORMS. It is the top journal in the field of information system. It belongs to UTD24 journal andits 5-Year influencing factor is 5.153.


The research investigates how to balance the two decision-making choices of price and quality improvement brought by innovation, and exploresconditions for the platform to obtain innovation incentives in the presence of network externalities. The paper also studies how the technological asymmetry between competing platforms, which is caused by the multiple positioning of consumers and service providers (choosing between multiple choices), affects the equilibrium. At the same time, by studying how to subsidize innovation, the focus is extended to the perspective of government policy, and three different policies are considered including subsidies to consumers and service providersas well as innovation-based platform subsidies.