Computer Science at Soochow University Ranks in the Top 1% of ESI

According to ESI, a database released on November 15th, 2019,the computer science studies of Soochow University ranks in the top 1% of ESI in the world.


The statistics show that within ESI data interval, Soochow has already published608 SCI papers with 3,732 citations and 6.14 citations in Computer Science. All these dates reflect the Computer Science of Soochow University has entered the top linearound the world.


Until now, among 22 ESI disciplines, 12 disciplines of Soochow has been listed in the global top 1%, including chemistry, material science, clinical medicine, physics, engineering, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavior science, molecular biology and genetics, immunology, mathematics and computer science. Among them, chemistry and materials science ranked top 1‰ in global ESI.


ESI is regarded as a basic analytical and evaluation tool for measuring scientific research. At present, ESI has become one of the most important evaluation index tools to evaluate the international academic level around the world. Its database is divided into 22disciplines and covers tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of different research institution around the world.