Soochow Achieved Good Results in the 16th National Challenge Cup

From November 7th to 12th, the final of the 2019 "Challenge Cup" national college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition co-sponsored by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other institutions fell the curtain. Soochow won 1 first prize, 1 second prize, 4 third prizes. Liu Biao, Vice President of Soochow University, went to Beijing to visit and guide the team.



Since the start of the competition, more than 1,500 works from 500 colleges and universities across the country have entered the national competition, and 447 works from 213 colleges and universities have been shortlisted for the national finals. After several rounds of competitions in the pre-school selection and Jiangsu Province competitions, Soochow selected 6 works to participate in the competition, of which 2 were shortlisted in the finals of Machinery and Control and Jurisprudence.


In order to prepare for this Challenge Cup competition, in September 2018, Soochow held the 19th "Challenge Cup" extra-curricular academic science and technology works competition. 15 of the 940 works were selected to prepare for the provincial competition. In June 2019, 6 works stood out and entered the national competition. During the preparations for this competition, School League Committee adhered to the principle of openness of cultivating programs, actively visited relevant colleges (departments), and face-to-face exchanges with leaders of the colleges (departments) and professional teachers, and continuously explored high-quality cultivation projects. At the same time, the project members are managed in a process-oriented manner, and for some members who are not active, a dynamic elimination mechanism is adopted to finally select the participating projects and members.


Participating teachers and students gave up weekends and holidays, and solidly promoted the team's staffing, text revision, and defense exercises. Several departmental leaders of CPC actively cooperated and organized experts to defend the case many times.In the sprint stage one and a half months before the final, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Wang Jian Law School organized more than 10 professional coaching and 4 etiquette training. Teams seized the time to re-perform the demonstration device and re-investigate the practice areas.


According to the different characteristics, different levels and different abilities of students, the School League Committee takes "Challenge Cup", "Creative Youth" and other events as the leader to promotes the construction of learning workshops in Soochow University, and to connects the service of youth and discipline. A strong atmosphere of scientific and technological innovation will be built up to serves the growth of young talents and the "double first-class" construction of Soochow, and more innovative talents with ideals, skills and responsibilities in the new era will be cultivated.