Ziqing Academy of Soochow University Officially Opened

On the morning of November 15th, the Ziqing Academy officially opend at Soochow University with its opening ceremony held at TianCiZhuang Campus. The academy is to focus on accelerating the construction of some new engineering majors at Soochow.


President Sidong Xiong from Soochow and other leaders attended the ceremony. Professor Pan, Dean of School of Textile Engineering welcomed the guests at the ceremony and appreciated their support for School of Textile Engineering, in which Ziqing Academy is based. President Xiong from Soochow, Miss Qian from Suzhou Silk Museum jointly inaugurated the Ziqing Academy. President Xiong also showed his sincere congratulation to Ziqing Academy’s establishment; he highlighted that the academies like Ziqing is an innovative measure to deal with a new round of scientific as well as technological revolution and industrial transformation.Soochow should focus on building Ziqing Academy as a New Engineering top innovative model academy, promoting the development of Soochow.


The name of Ziqing Academy originally derived from the nickname of Pijiang Zheng, one of the founders of the School of Textile Engineering and a leading figure in sericulture studies and practices in China. To maintain the traditional focus and strength in textile studies, Ziqing Academy has been established in order to cultivate high-quality new engineering talents with scientific research and innovation ability. Moreover, the establishment of Ziqing Academy is a promotion to Soochow textile discipline as well as a contribution to the Belt and Road. Soochow will take Ziqing Academy as a platform to absorb students majored in medicine, art and science to join Soochow.


Yilan Gong, the representative of undergraduate students from Ziqing Academy and Professor Qibao Zuo, a representative of teachers delivered at the ceremony. Both acknowledged that Ziqing Academy has created a thought-provoking atmosphere for students and teachers to endeavor further along the journey of exploring textile engineering.