Hands in Hands, Heart to Heart. Actions in Supporting for Overseas Soochow Alumni

Recently, the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to spread and many countries around the world has entered a state of emergency. As care for the overseas students, teachers and alumni of Soochow University, a range of actions have been taken.



Jiang Biao, from Yangzhou alumni association of Soochow University, has donated 10,000 face masks to the Soochow University alumni association. He sincerely hopes that he could support overseas students and friends to fight against the pandemic through the Soochow alumni association.



After receiving the masks, the Soochow alumni association immediately contacted the overseas alumni associations. According to the feedback of the overseas alumni association, the Soochow alumni association sent 10,000 face masks to the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Korea, India and other overseas alumni associations of Soochow.



In addition, the Soochow alumni association has extensively contacted alumni organizations in China to support the overseas alumni in various ways.



Soochow University hopes that all overseas alumni associations pay attention to local pandemic situation, understand the needs of alumni, and give feedback to the alumni association as soon as possible. Soochow will provide support and help at anytime, anywhere.