Giving Mutual Help and Overcoming the Difficulties Together——The Chinese Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Sent a Letter of Thanks to Soochow

"As the saying goes, a true friend will not necessarily icing on the cake, but it must be timely assistance. When the anti-epidemic situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is grim, the materials donated by Soochow can be described as 'a timely rainfall'. It is a vivid interpretation of the traditional friendship between China and Bosnia and the concept of 'Community of Human Destiny.'" Recently, after the Chinese Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina received an emergency donation of 10,000 protective masks from Soochow University, Ambassador Ji Pin sent a letter to express his sincere gratitude.


With the direct care and support of Ambassador Ji, Soochow has established friendly cooperative partnerships with Sarajevo University, Eastern Sarajevo University, and BBI Bank. In addition, with the help and introduction of Ambassador Ji, students from Bosnia and Herzegovina will study in Soochow very soon.


Since the middle of March, after learning that the number of confirmed cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina has continuously increased, Soochow's epidemic prevention and control leadership team immediately decided to urgently send 10,000 medical grade protective masks to the Chinese Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina to fight against the local epidemic.


On March 23, anti-epidemic materials were sent to the Sarajevo


In mid-April, the batch of packages finally arrived at the Embassy. The diplomatic staff of the embassy donated the anti-epidemic materials to the local government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to help the local people fight against the epidemic.