Nature Releases Special Edition on 120th Anniversary of Soochow University

On April 16, on the occasion of Soochow's 120th anniversary, Nature released a special edition titled "Thinking big to make a difference" to introduce Soochow's achievements in teaching and research.


In the interview by the world's top academic journal Nature, President Xiong Sidong used the topic of "Soochow University's 120 Years of Achievements" to introduce to the global readers about the governance, development achievements and blueprint of Soochow University in the past 120 years. He elaborated six aspects including innovation and development in the inheritance, the implement of the zenith development strategy, the improvement of comprehensive strength and others.


President Xiong Sidong interviewed by Nature


In addition, the special edition of the Nature also published the major achievements of Soochow University in nanoscience, radiology and protection, textile and clothing engineering, hematology, urbanization research with Chinese characteristics, and Wu culture research.

Research of Nanoscience


Research of Radiological Medicine and Protection


Research of Textile and Clothing Engineering


Research of Hematology


     Research on Urbanization with Chinese Characteristics and Wu Culture