Papers Written on the Front Line of the Fight Against COVID-19—the Team of Radiological Protection from the School of Radiation Medicine and Protection of Soochow University helped with the development of CT Cabins

The rapid spread of COVID-19 in the world at the beginning of 2020 posed a huge challenge to the medical staff and equipment in hospitals around the world. However, the establishment of the mobile cabin hospitals greatly eased the pressure brought by the epidemic. As CT is a rapid method for the clinical diagnosis of COVID-19, the CT cabin was an important weapon” of the mobile cabin hospital. But optimizing the design of the CT cabin is not easy. The weak shielding ability of the cabin would cause the scattering and leakage of X-ray exceeding the standard and the excessive protection of the cabin would increase the economic cost and the difficulty in transportation and installation. Facing this problem, DAHAETE, a limited company of Shandong province related to medical equipment and environmental protection, hoped to get the technical support from the team of radiological protection from the School of Radiation Medicine and Protection of Soochow University.



The internal picture of the CT cabin


According to different standards and requirements of radiological protection in various countries, Professor Tu Yu and Professor Sun Liang of the center for radiological protection convened doctoral student Tang Bo, master students Li Xiang, Gao Han and others to immediately form the shielding design team of the CT cabin with designers of DAHAETE. They worked through the WeChat group and gave the "optimized" design of protection for different sizes of CT cabins. At present, the protective capacity of CT cabins that have been produced and used to the front line of anti-epidemic conforms to the current national standards.


The teachers and students of the team of radiological protection overcame many difficulties in the research and development of the optimization of the CT cabin. With rigorous scientific spirit, they insisted on writing papers in the front line of fighting against COVID-19 and completed the urgent task at the fastest speed, making due contributions to the national fight against COVID-19.



                         The installation of the CT cabin of Tongji Hospital of Wuhan and the Fourth People's Hospital of Yiyang


The installation of the CT cabin of  Lvliang People's Hospital of Shanxi Province and  Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital



The installation of the CT cabin of Ren Cheng Prison  and the People's Hospital of Pudong New District of Shanghai