Leaders of Soochow University Presented the First Lesson of COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention and Control

Last winter, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 was a challenge for all mankind and the world. Recently, the covid-19 pandemic in China has been effectively controlled, and colleges and universities have resumed classes in batches in various provinces and cities in China.However, COVID-19 is still spreading around the world, and the responsibility for prevention and control of campus pandemic is significant and crucial. In order to help students scientifically understand the COVID-19 pandemicas well as its transmission route and protective measures, President Xiong Sidong, Secretary Jiang Yong from Soochow University respectively presented the first course of epidemic prevention and control through the combination of online and offline from the perspectives of political education and medical professions, and received unanimous praise from students and parents .


On the evening of April 27, in the Smart Classroom of East Campus, President Xiong, who has been engaged in microbiology and immunology research for a long time, as a professional research scholar, fully interpreted the COVID-19 for students and ordinary citizens online and offline.The public class "COVID-19: What should I do to resist you" taught by President Xiong was broadcast live on the four platforms of Douyin, Sina Weibo, Visual Suzhou and Welink. A total of 1 million people watched online through the cloud platform.


In order to prepare for this open class, President Xiong consulted many domestic and foreign literature materials in advance and elaborately produced each presentation PPT. He said that the open class strives to explain the past and present of the COVID-19 in a popular way, and he hopes that students can feel a path, method, and even spirit of exploring unknown things.


"The spirit of fighting the pandemic in the new era is the spirit of unity and cooperation, the spirit of self-sacrifice in obeying orders and taking the overall situation into consideration, the spirit of humanitarianism in worshipping lives and saving the wounded. It is the spirit of heroism in not fearing sacrifice and going against the trend, and the spirit of self-reliance with firm confidence and the courage to win.Therefore, the theme of the party class I communicated with you is "keeping the original intention, undertaking the mission and promoting the growth of the epidemic in the final examination".” On the afternoon of April 29, Secretary Jiang presented a special party class to students through the Welink cloud platform.


Soochow invited Guo Qiang, the chief physician of the Department of Intensive Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University, and Qian Hongying, the head nurse of the Department of Respiratory Medicine,to tell students the story of anti-pandemic.


In combination with Soochow's work during the epidemic, Secretary Jiang told students that it was the strong leadership of the party, the full support of the people and the scientific response of medical experts that enabled China to achieve the initial victory in the fight against the pandemic.