2020 Soochow University International Young Scholars Soochow Forum was Held

In order to further promote the strategy of strengthening the university with talents, attract a group of outstanding young scholars as well as to further develop the construction of the faculty, on the evening of June 10, the opening ceremony of 2020 International Young Scholars Soochow Forum of Soochow University was held in the Suzhou Broadcasting System. Cao Houling, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou Municipal People's Government, Jiang Yong, Secretary of CPC Soochow Committee, and President Xiong Sidong, attended the opening ceremony together with many other leaders. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Xiaohong.



Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the 2020 International Young Scholars Soochow Forum started a new mode of online academic exchange. More than 200 young scholars from 150 well-known universities or institutions, 20 countries and regions were invited to participate in the forum. All of them were young scholars under 40 years old, of which 92.1% were from overseas. Young scholars from all over the world gathered at the Soochow Forum through "Cloud" to fully understand the Soo's scientific research and innovation policies, as well as Suzhou's urban scientific research, business, and living environment. It makes the forum as a "Carnival" for young scholars at home and abroad to enhance their scientific research and innovation capabilities.



At the opening ceremony, President Xiong Sidong comprehensively introduced the development history and discipline strength of Soochow University, and also introduced its achievements in scientific research and innovation as well as the favorable conditions for the development of talents.



Zhu Qiaoming, director of the Human Resources Department, made a detailed interpretation of various talent policies concerned by young scholars from four aspects: talent policy, talent team building effectiveness, supporting policies and vision creation.



In recent years, driven by the strategy of strengthening the school by talents, a group of young talents have joined in Soo one after another and rapidly grown into leaders in teaching and scientific research. At the opening ceremony, three representatives of outstanding teachers made speeches respectively, and shared their own experience and feelings in Soochow University.



Deputy mayor Cao Houling expressed sincere congratulations on the opening of the meeting and introduced the basic situation, talent policies and unique advantages of Suzhou to young scholars.



The Soochow International Young Scholars Soochow Forum has been held for three consecutive years, aiming to gather outstanding young scholars from different academic backgrounds at home and abroad together to discuss international cutting-edge technology and research hotspots, and to promote exchanges and cooperation among young international scholars, jointly explore the frontier of science and reach academic peak.