Establishment of Soochow College of Soochow University

On the afternoon of May 14, the founding ceremony of Soochow College of Soochow University was held in the Red Chamber Academic Lecture Hall. Jiang Yong, Secretary of CPC Soochow Committee, Xiong Sidong, President of Soochow, and Jiang Xinghong, Vice-President attended the ceremony with other departmental leaders. The ceremony was chaired by Vice President Jiang Xinghong.




Secretary Jiang Yong and President Xiong Sidong jointly inaugurated Soochow College.



In his speech, Zhang Jian, Dean of Soochow College, expressed that the establishment of Soochow College marked Soochow University's implementation of the reform of public basic courses, thus opening a new chapter in the teaching of these courses.


President Xiong Sidong congratulated Soochow College on its establishment. He said that first-class undergraduate education is an important foundation and feature of a great power, and public basic courses are an important part of undergraduate education. He hoped that all the staffwill work together to make unremitting efforts to make new breakthroughs in Soochow's "double first-class" construction.


In his concluding speech, Secretary Jiang Yong emphasized that it is necessary to fully understand the importance of the establishment of Soochow College and coordinate the implementation of the reform plan.


Facing with the basic courses learning of undergraduates and some graduate students, the newly established Soochow College is a public second-level college of Soochow University. It consists of six departments including college foreign language, college mathematics, college computer, college physics, public chemistry, and public sports.