The appointment ceremony of Outstanding Young Scholars of Soochow University in 2020

In order to further increase the introduction and cultivation of young excellent talents, on the morning of June 4, the appointment ceremony of 2020 Outstanding Young Scholars of Soochow University was held in the auditorium of the Bell Tower Mansion. Jiang Yong, Secretary of CPC Soochow Committee, President Xiong Sidong, Vice President Zhang Xiaohong, and the appointed young scholars of 2020 attended the ceremony. 


Vice President Zhang Xiaohong introduced the background of the outstanding young scholars appointed. With the approval of the university committees, a total of 41 outstanding young scholars were appointed this time. 


Secretary Jiang Yong issued a letter of appointment and took a group photo for the third batch of outstanding young scholars.


Zhuang Xulong, from Law School and Wu Xinxin, from the Department of Materials and Chemical Engineering delivered a speech as representatives of newly appointed outstanding young scholars. They expressed their proud to be the third batch of outstanding young scholars of Soochow University as well as their resolution to start a new journey and contribute to the development of Soochow through their devotion to the academic career.


Xu Yadong, associate professor of the School of Physical Science and Technology, exchanged and shared the achievements they had got in the past two years under the sponsorship of the Outstanding Young Scholars Program.


Zhang Zhenqing, representative of advisors, expressed the hope that young scholars can face the difficulties bravely, work hard, innovate actively and become a useful talent in various fields as soon as possible.


Professor Shen Gangxiang reviewed his development process after returning from abroad and put forward valuable suggestions for the development of outstanding young scholars.


President Xiong Sidong pointed out in his speech that talent is the foundation of the school. In the past ten years, Soochow has achieved rapid development in various undertakings, which is attributed to Soochow’s continuous implementation of the strategy of strengthening the school with talents. He introduced the achievements of outstanding young scholars in teaching and scientific research, social services and international cooperation and exchange in the past years, and raised ardent expectations for the third batch of outstanding young scholars, hoping that they could grow up together with the Soochow.