Soochow University’s 2020 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony

On the afternoon of June 28th, Soochow University's 2020 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony were held online. For such a special period, Soochow opened a new life chapter for the 2020 graduates with a ‘Cloud Graduation Ceremony’.


At the ceremony, under the host of the AI robot Xiao Su, the 2020 undergraduate Ma Guoyuan of School of Communication and other graduates, as graduate representatives, delivered speeches in turn. They showed their sincere thanks and wholehearted wishes to Soochow.


Professor Liao Liangsheng from the School of Nanoscience and Technology, and Dr. Mu from the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University expressed their wishes to graduates.


At the ceremony, many academicians and leader of Soochow sent heartfelt wishes as well as expressed their ardent expectations to the graduates. Mr Li Zhengdao, an alumnus of the Soochow and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, recorded a video to send his regards to Soochow and the graduates.


President Xiong Sidong extended warm congratulations to the graduates upon their successful completion of their studies. He reviewed the rich and exciting university campus life, as well as the growth of the students in Soochow. On the occasion of the farewell, President Xiong hoped they could meet again in the future and wished all graduates could have a successful life. He also promised 2020 graduates that they would have the privilege to participate in every future graduation ceremony and Soochow will prepare a new degree uniform and reserve VIP seats for all of 2020 graduates.


Vice President Jiang Xinghong read the graduation and degree awarding decision. President Xiong turned the tassel for Xiao Su, and 2020 graduates can realize their ‘Cloud Picking Spike’ through live animation.


On behalf of Soochow, Secretary Jiang Yong put on the robot Xiao Su a ‘golden key’, which was full of all 2020 graduate’s university memories. By scanning the QR code on the key, graduates can get the unique memories of their own college life.


 ‘In the new era, youth has you, and in the new journey, dreams have you, in the new future, hopes have you.’ In order to encourage the graduates to practice, Secretary Lan Shaomin of CPC Suzhou Committee recorded a video to send a farewell message to the graduates.


 ‘Beautiful dreams come true for all students of Soochow University.’ The Oriental Gate, clock tower, Binglin Library as well as other ironic buildings staged light shows to send the best wishes to graduates.


It is worth mentioning that Soochow has developed a graduation ceremony platform for graduates this year. After logging in and inputting their student id for identity verification, students can generate the personal profile picture of ‘Cloud Picking Spike’ through AI face changing technology. They can also choose the corresponding bachelor's clothing according to the degree, break through the spatial distance, and automatically synthesize a group photo of the graduates and the teachers of the college online. Not only that, but in the "Travel around Campus" function, graduates can click on the hand-drawn map carefully prepared by Soochow to browse the architectural introduction on campus and the sincere messages from the teachers.