Soochow University held the opening ceremony for 2020 freshmen

At 5:42 on the morning of September 16, 120 freshmen of Soochow University admitted in 2020 wearing shirts with the logo of Soochow attended the opening ceremony in front of the Bell Tower.


Through the student ceremony platform of Soochow University, Sina Weibo, People’s Daily client, etc., the whole process of the opening ceremony was held in a combination of online and offline. It was broadcasted live both inside and outside the university, and a number of su

At the flag-raising ceremony, the leaders of Soochow issued the emblem of Soochow University, the student management regulations and the new admission oath to the freshmen.



Under the Dongwu Bridge on the campus, Secretary Jiang Yong and President Xiong Sidong planted an osmanthus tree together with student representatives and hung a commemorative plaque for the osmanthus saplings, implying that the Year-2020 freshmen can live like osmanthus trees, always being calm and pragmatic as well as infiltrate people with tolerance, and show high quality of students of Soochow to the world.


Representatives of teachers, senior students, and alumni gathered together to discuss the most concerned issues to everyone. "As a freshman, how to realize our own dreams as well as integrate our dreams into Chinese Dream?” Many freshmen enthusiastically asked questions on the scene.


 Professor Yuan Bing from the Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Interdisciplinary Research Center, and Professor Chen Tao, Associate Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering etc., provided sincere and professional answers and guidance on topics such as college life planning, professional development trends, innovation and entrepreneurship, and sent a message to freshmen to embrace a new university life.


In the warm applause, Jiang Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Soochow University, and Xiong Sidong, President of Soochow University and other officials introduced their respective responsibilities and sent good wishes to the freshmen. They hoped that the students would have a wonderful college life.


"I would like to take this opportunity to give you the two words of my name 'Jiang Yong'. As for ‘Jiang’, I would like to be a tracker on the bank of the Yangtze River, witnessing, accompanying and sharing every bit of growth of the students in Soo. As for ‘Yong’, I hope all of you can rush as brave as a rive and never give up." Secretary Jiang Yong said that this opening ceremony is the earliest opening ceremony in the history of the Soo. It would surely make all new students unforgettable. He also encouraged all new students to cherish their college time and work hard, "Only when you wake up early, get up early, and move early can you win the future!" 

In his speech at the ceremony, President Xiong Sidong sent his blessings to all freshmen.  “Life is a process of constantly searching for answers and the college is a place where you can find answers ultimately. I hope you can find an answer of your own in the future.”

President Xiong used the "four treasures of the study" as a metaphor, expecting students to hold on to their dream of "writing brush", to refine the "ink" of knowledge, to show the "rice paper" of time and to grind the character of the "inkstone", He also encouraged students to infiltrate a colorful college life as well as achieve their own ideal of life.


President Xiong Sidong said that freshmen are a group of students coming in the celebration of The 120-year University celebration, they would always take the responsibility of shouldering the important task of inheriting the 120 years of culture, spirit and values of Soo as well as undertake the mission of Soochow, the mission of the times and the mission of the country for the next 120 years or even longer. At the same time, he also emphasized that all of the freshmen would witness their participation in the "Two Centenary Goals" and the realization of the Great Chinese Dream. President Xiong encouraged the freshmen to work hard and try their best to achieve their own dream.