Soochow University and Hengtong Group Signed Cooperation Agreement

On the afternoon of September 9, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Soochow University and Hengtong Group was held in the academic lecture hall. Mayor Li Yaping of Suzhou Municipal Government, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hengtong Group Co., Ltd. Cui Genliang, and some Soochow University leaders including Jiang Yong and Xiong Sidong attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Soochow’s Vice President Lu Jianmei.



Shen Gangxiang, Dean of School of Electronic Information, analyzed the cooperation background and foundation and predicated the future cooperation between Soochow University and Hengtong Group regarding the development of the local economy, the enterprise and the university.




Chairman Cui Genliang affirmed the long-term achievements of Soochow University. He said that the strategic cooperation between Hengtong and Soochow was aimed at reaching the world's scientific and technological frontier. This cooperation will definitely promote the revitalization of local economy and industrial progress, and become the "strongest brain" for Suzhou's innovative as well as prosperous development.



On behalf of Wujiang District Government, Secretary Li Ming expressed warm congratulations on the successful signing of the project. He pointed out that the cooperation between Soochow University and Wujiang district has a long history. As a local leading enterprise in Wujiang district, Hengtong Group is the world's leading optical fiber communication industry leader and a national top 500 enterprise. The successful signing of the contract will definitely deepen school-enterprise cooperation between Soochow University and Wujiang district.



President Xiong Sidong said that this signing is not only an important symbol for the two parties to deepen their existing cooperation directions, but also an important decision for both parties to respond to various risks and challenges in a complex external environment and accelerate technological innovation. In Soochow’s 120 years of running a university, Soochow has always adhered to the development philosophy of promoting development with service as well as seeking support with contribution to better serve the local economic and social development.


Cao Houling said that the optical communication industry was included in the city’s emerging industries for the first time. In this context, the strategic cooperation between Soochow University and Hengtong Group will surely accelerate the new development of Suzhou’s optical communications industry.



Under the joint witness of Mayor Li Yaping, Secretary Jiang Yong, President Xiong Sidong, Secretary Li Ming and Chairman Cui Genliang, Executive President Qian Jianlin of Hengtong Group and Vice President Yang Yixin of Soo signed the strategic cooperation agreement.




According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly carry out the training of talents in the fields of future communications and artificial intelligence as well as carry out Sino-foreign cooperation in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Future Campus of Soochow University (4+0 mode), and cultivate the talents of the information and communication engineering,  computer and artificial intelligence and so on. Hengtong will actively participate in talent training, and establish postgraduate workstations, provide undergraduate student practice bases, and directly cultivate required ICT and other professional graduates.