Students from Soochow University Made Remarkable Achievements Again in 2021 MCM /MIM

According to 2021 MCM / ICM evaluation results, students from Soochow University got 1 Outstanding Winner, 3 Finalists, 6 Meritorious Winners and 45 Honorable Mentions. The number and level of awards reached a new high, which successfully broke the record of Soochow University in this contest.

The 2021contest was held from February 5th to February 9th. During four days and four nights, three people formed a team to model, solve and verify the specified problems, and finally formed a full English research paper. In this contest, a total of 10053 teams from 15 countries and regions participated in MCM contest, and 17 teams including the team from Soochow University got the Outstanding Winner. A total of 16059 teams from 16 countries and regions participated in the ICM competition, and 19 teams got the Outstanding Winner.

The results of the contest fully showed the competitive strength, mental outlook and excellent achievements of students from Soochow University.