Secretary Jiang Yong and President Xiong Sidong Gave a Lecture on “the First Lesson in the University” to Freshmen

On September 13th, Secretary Jiang Yong and President Xiong Sidong gave a lecture on “the First Lesson in the University” to freshmen in the 360 Smart Classroom in Tiancizhuang Campus.


President Xiong Sidong gave a wonderful lecture from three dimensions of understanding the world, understanding oneself and talking to the world.


President Xiong Sidong said that the world was an eternal and sustainable world. Facing the uncertainty and instability of the world, the first important thing to talk to the world was to understand the world. While understanding the world, President Xiong Sidong also encouraged students to use wisdom to understand oneself and know oneself. He gave a detailed introduction to freshmen on Soochow University which has a deep and long history. He also introduced feelings and actions of the University in building a high-level research university from remarkable achievements in talent training, teacher construction, discipline development, scientific and technological innovation and international exchanges in recent years.


On the afternoon of September 13th, Secretary Jiang Yong gave a vivid lecture starting from the definition of the university, features of Soochow University and measures of spending time in the university.



In the lecture, Secretary Jiang Yong talked about the origin of the university, the evolution of the university functions and the development of modern universities in China.


In order to help students further understand Soochow University, Secretary Jiang Yong introduced the landmark buildings with the classical architectural style in Tiancizhuang campus, and introduced the university running idea and development from aspects of historical evolution, discipline categories, teaching staff, outstanding alumni, talent training and scientific research. He pointed out that Soochow University had a history of 121 years with connotations and contributions.


All the 2021 freshmen watched and learned the first lesson in the university” online.