The 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of Soochow University was Held

On the evening of June 22th, the 2021 graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of Soochow University was held in Dushu Lake Campus, which was also the first outdoor graduation ceremony held by Soochow University.

80 professors, representatives of students and teachers, including staff representatives of canteen, dormitory and security guard attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the deputy secretary Wang Lupei.

Duan Peichen, a representative of undergraduate students from Soochow University Medical College, shared many moving experiences in his five-year medical career. Sun Zhihui, a graduate representative and 2021 doctoral graduate from College of Energy, had mixed feelings. In September this year, he would become a glorious teacher and would devote all his energy and true feelings to the cause of education in the future. Jamshidi, a representative of international students and a graduate student from School of Political Science and Public Administration from Afghanistan, shared his learning and life experiences in Soochow University in fluent Chinese.

Professor Chi Lifeng from Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials spoke as a teacher representative. She hoped that graduates should maintain a curiosity, be rigorous and realistic, make unremitting efforts, and embrace a better future with burning passion and dedicated will whether they would take the road of scientific research, work or see a bigger world.

President Xiong Sidong extended warm congratulations to the 6639 undergraduates and 4251 postgraduates of 2021 who successfully completed their studies, and welcomed the 623 students of 2020. He encouraged young students to face uncertain choices, boundaries, competition and differences.

Soochow University also prepared the “Golden Key” for storing the university memory and the commemorative book for each graduate as graduation gifts. Secretary Jiang Yong, presented graduation souvenirs and graduation blessings to graduate representatives.

Afterwards, the degree awarding ceremony was held. Vice President Shen Mingrong read out the degree awarding decision by the university degree evaluation committee.


In order to make up for the regret of not attending the offline graduation ceremony during the epidemic last year, 623 representatives of 2020 graduates returned to the university to attend this year’s graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony.

Li Linqing, a doctoral student in the direction of artificial intelligence in 2020, studied at Soochow University for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He led the entrepreneurial team to develop a panoramic barrier free map, which greatly facilitated the travel of people with disabilities. At the graduation ceremony, President Xiong Sidong awarded him a degree certificate and righted the tassel. Secretary Jiang Yong presented him a graduation souvenir.

In the flickering candlelight and warm cheers, the ceremony came to an end. All the graduates stood up to thank teachers. The simple bow conveyed their deep gratitude to teachers.

In the graduation carnival performance near the midnight, the wonderful light show and the wonderful singing gradually brought the atmosphere to a climax. Finally, a cool drone show ignited the audience in an instant. Under the brilliant lights, 400 drones clustered in the night sky, constantly changing and combining into various patterns and words.