Soochow University has Fully Deployed Pandemic Prevention and Control Work on Campus

Since the announcement of Suzhou on Pandemic Prevention and Control on February 14th, Soochow University immediately responded and took active actions to fully deployed related work on campus.


1. Early Deployment and Comprehensive Coordination

On the morning of February 14th, Soochow University held an online conference on Pandemic Prevention and Control to make arrangements for the whole university, and issued related notice on online study and other requirements.

Besides, many students and staff took part in the volunteer service on campus and in communities.


Voluntary SUDA Students and Staff


2. Full Coverage on Nucleic Acid Test

Since February 14th, nucleic acid testing has been carried out on all campus in accordance with the local requirements, with priority given to logistics service and security staff.



3. Care for Students

After the outbreak of pandemic, relevant departments quickly tracked the information and data. University also cared for all students with difficulties and set up psychological consultation hotline and online service for students and social masses.


4. Strengthen Logistics Support
Soochow University has taken a variety of measures to ensure the health and safety of students and staff on campus. In terms of catering, accommodation, public area environment and living demand have been strengthened based on previous experience.


5. Strict Requirements to Strengthen Campus Control

Under this situation, all visitors were not allowed to enter the university. 37 security guards volunteered to live on campus to help the pandemic prevention work on campus.