A Cloud Meeting between Soochow University and University of Southampton was Held

On the afternoon of May 26th, Vice President Zhang Xiaohong from Soochow University had a cloud meeting with Vice President Jane Falkingham from University of Southampton on international cooperation between two universities. Several leaders from relevant departments from two universities attended the event. The meeting was chaired by Professor Larry Lynch from University of Southampton.


During the meeting, vice presidents of both sides introduced the basic situation of the university respectively. Then, Professor Sunil Manghani introduced the Global Smart Lab project that was being built in University of Southampton. Luna Jiang summarized the latest achievements in international cooperation between the two sides. Later, the two sides held a cloud signing ceremony for the “4+1” joint training program in fashion design, fabric design and other professional directions.

After the signing ceremony, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the direction of future cooperation between the two universities.

Zhang Xiaohong hoped that both sides would continue to give full play to their advantages in scientific research and actively explore the cooperation prospects of joint doctoral training programs in more disciplines to lay a solid foundation for the cooperation in running universities in the future. Jane Falkingham fully affirmed the achievements of bilateral cooperation, and expressed full confidence in the prospect of cooperation.

     In recent years, there have been a series of cooperation between school of Art from Soochow University and Winchester School of Art from University of Southampton. This was the first high-level meeting between the two universities at the president level. In the next step, the two universities would expand cooperative disciplines, strengthen scientific research cooperation, and jointly enhance the strength of internationalized university-running and international awareness of transnational education cooperation.