The Opening Ceremony of Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department and Education Department Supporting Soochow University to Build a High-Level Characteristic Business School was Held

On June 15th, the Opening Ceremony of Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department and Education Department supporting Soochow University to build a High-Level characteristic Business School was held in Nanjing.

Secretary Jiang Yong briefly introduced development of Soochow University and Business School. He believed that a nationally leading and internationally influential high-level characteristic Business School would be accelerated.


Director Zhang Lefu from Jiangsu Finance Department stressed that the tripartite cooperation of building Business School was the forceful measure to fully implement the CPC’s education policy and promote intensive development of higher education in Jiangsu Province, to speed up provincial high- level characteristic finance and economics discipline construction and deepen reform of the fiscal and taxation finance, and to adapt to the need of economic and social development better, and promote integrated development of government-industry-university-research development.

Director Ge Daokai from Jiangsu Education Department highlighted that Soochow University had made remarkable achievements in recent years through intensive cultivation and reform. Over the years, Business School of Soochow University trained a large number of outstanding talents for the fiscal, tax and financial undertakings of Jiangsu province and even the whole country, and also benefited from the long-term support of Jiangsu Finance Department. The tripartite cooperation marked the beginning of a new development stage of the high-level characteristic construction of Business School of Soochow University. He expected Business School to focus on connotation, integrate into society and pursue excellence.


In the warm applause, Director Ge Daokai and Director Zhang Lefu jointly inaugurated Business School of Soochow University.

According to the agreement, each party would increase support in education and teaching, scientific research, discipline development, personnel training and teaching staff construction based on functions and resource advantages. The tripartite cooperation would support Business School of Soochow University in conducting comprehensive reform trials, expanding its autonomy in running the school, exploring establishment of a new development mechanism for modern business schools, and advancing modernization of system and capacity for governance. Business School of Soochow University was committed to integrated development of government-industry-university-research, building a high-end think tank platform for reform of the fiscal, tax and financial system in Jiangsu Province, and contributing to the high-quality economic and social development of Jiangsu Province.