Ruihua Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University

Ruihua Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University covers an area of 66 thousand square meters, the construction area is about 50 thousand square meters, with 383 beds. It is a teaching hospital of Yangzhou University, Nantong University, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. It is a postdoctoral innovation base of Jiangsu province and an enterprise graduate work station of Soochow University. It has a hand surgery department, department of orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, department of rehabilitation as its specialties. It is a comprehensive "Grade II"hospital that integrates medical, teaching, scientific research and prevention.

The hospital accommodates over 490 employees, including 388 health professionals, and 30 experts with senior titles. Its hand surgery is well known as  a key clinic in Suzhou. It has the Suzhou Institute of hand surgery technology research, Suzhou microsurgery technology research center and Suzhou Key Laboratory of hand science. Hand surgery has a number of technologies of advanced level in both domestic and international fields of its kind.

The hospital receives nearly 100000 outpatients and emergencies annually and accommodates 10000 hospitalized patients. Each year, more than  15000 operations are carried out by the hospital.



No.5 Tayun Road., Wuzhong District., Suzhou., Jiangsu.