Wuxi 9th Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University(Wuxi 9th People's Hospital;Wuxi Orthopaedics Hospital;Wuxi Hand Surgery Hospital)

Wuxi 9th Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University-Wuxi 9th People's Hospital(Wuxi Orthopaedics Hospital) was founded in September, 1989. It is administered in accordance with the standards of Level III hospital and has been designed as a modern hospital with the functions of medical treatment, medical education, scientific research, disease prevention and health care. Wuxi 9th People's Hospital has a number of important roles, including: the key Laboratory of Hand Function Reconstruction and the Advanced Talent Training Base of Ministry of Health; Microsurgical Technique Training Base of Chinese Society of Microsurgery, CMA; Designated Institution for Rehabilitation of Work-related Injuries of Jiangsu Province; Standardized Training Base for Residents of Jiangsu Province and Post-doctoral Innovative Practice Base.

Wuxi 9th People's Hospital has a distinctive feature in orthopaedics and vigorously promotes the steady development of its comprehensive clinical departments. There are 18 Level I clinical departments, 14 medical technical departments and 979 sickbeds. The annual number of outpatient and emergency visits exceeds 380,000 person-time, discharged patients 25,000 person-time and inpatient operations 22,000. The Orthopaedics Department is the key clinical specialty in Wuxi with 6 sub-specialties including hand surgery department, orthopedics trauma department, ankle surgery department, spine surgery department, joint surgery department and pediatric orthopedics department. The hand surgery department is one of the six national hand injury treatment centers, Medical Innovation Team of Jiangsu Province, the Object of Clinical Medical Center Construction and Key Discipline of Wuxi.



No. 999 Liangxi Rd, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province